How It Works

Welcome to Onzla!

The only place to search and connect with thousands of suppliers who will help you plan for that important event and make it a memorable one!

How Onzla works: Video

Planning an event using Onzla is super simple with these 3 steps!

  1. Pick an Event to Plan
  2. Browse only the relevant suppliers and save the Ones you like
  3. Tell us a bit about your event and we will do the rest!

Check out your personal event planner for other amazing features like:

  1. Personalized Evite (with Zoom link insert)
  2. RSVP 
  3. E-Greetings
  4. Event Reminders
  5. Past Event Archives
  6. Hot Deal section (coming soon)
  7. Memory Album (coming soon)

Need further clarification? Go to the FAQs  

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