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Daily Fit

Enjoy life to the fullest! I want to share with you the secret!


Personal gym training

I train people to achieve their fitness goals or even seniors who are looking to have a better mobility for better quality of life #personaltrainer #personaltrainersg #coaching #gymtrainer


Flab to Lean Transformation

I help busy hustlers improve their fitness levels and develop an attractive physique without spending long hours exercising and sacrificing their favorite foods.


Yoga and Wellness

I can teach many yoga variations and conduct sound baths.


Personal training

I help ladies get fit and strong


Energy healing

The Importance of Emotional healing especially from Childhood


Personal Trainer

I travel to people's home or meet in outdoor spaces for one on one or group strength training sessions. This can be done with minimal equipment and space through bodyweight training or the use of resistance equipment which I supply.


Specialised in bodyweight exercises, time interval or distance interval running, lifting weights, losing fats and football/soccer.

I will make the workout fun, sweat and the most importantly safety. At least 4 years old and above are welcomed to train with me.


Fitness Trainer

My commitment to your success goes beyond workouts; I'm your partner in transformation, offering personalized guidance, unwavering support, and a proven path to help you achieve your fitness goals.


Strength & Conditioning Training/ Body recompositon programming

At my training compound or yours, you would: -Improve strength and physical prowess -Increase fat-loss and muscle mass -Gain confidence -Learn nuanced pointers about health and fitness -Guidance through your fitness journey


Female Fitness Trainer

With a focus on building strength, confidence, and overall well-being


Muscle Building

I train individuals who are dedicated to become a hunk.


Fitness And Coaching

My expertise allows me to fast-track your journey to a sculpted physique, ensuring efficient and effective workouts tailored to your individual needs.


Peak Pulse Fitness for Women

I am committed to guiding you step by step towards your goal of attaining a well-conditioned and fit body.


Flex Flow Fitness

Together, we'll work towards sculpting the body you desire, tailored to your specific goals.


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