Talent Benefits

OnzLa allows you to earn and secure some side income during uncertain times. We strongly believe that depending on your job alone can be very risky in this day and age.

The old saying that having a ‘Job' means you are secured with an iron rice bowl is now obsolete! It’s an employer market now and we have witnessed constant layoffs even with the biggest tech companies, whom we thought were stable to work in

Here are some key benefits of being part of our Talent network:

- We take 0% Commission so you get 100% of your Deserved Earnings! Unlike other platforms that take a cut from every sale

- We focus on the Singapore market alone so you get No Overseas competition unlike other freelancing platforms

- You have full Flexibility to work at your own time and determine your own price!

- OnzLa allows you to offer your skills and do what you are truly passionate about! You do what you do best, we will make sure you get seen and connected 

Grow your passion and interest on our platform and say goodbye to that dreadful job once and for all! 

If you know of any Talent who needs this, send them this link to register their skills for Free! Help another Talent