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FAQs for suppliers


  • How can Onzla help a supplier?

Onzla is an online platform that specializes in event planning and supplier sourcing, so you could be connected to many potential customers who are looking for your specific products and services

Onzla has a unique event planner that helps consumers ease their search efforts by only showcasing the relevant suppliers based on their search criteria. So, if you are specialized in a particular event field or support many event types, chances for you to be showcased is very high


  • How do I open an acct and showcase my products?

You can Claim your Business by emailing support@onzla.com or Sign Up 


  • How long does it take for my account to be active on Onzla?

The support team will take an average of 24-48 hours to review your listing and you will get an email notification after your page has been listed on Onzla.com


  • Are there any charges to host my company on Onzla?

NO charges at all. Hosting on Onzla.com is absolutely FREE!


  • How does a potential event planner or consumer contact me?

They can chat with you live or leave a message on your hosting page. Onzla will send you a notification via your registered email when you have a message so you can view them in your Onzla Inbox

When a consumer uses the Onzla planner to plan their event, you might get a lead and be notified as well if they indicate your services as something relevant to their search criteria or event type


  • How do I stand out and get noticed in Onzla?

Load and fill up your product images in all the thumbnail spaces provided

Don’t forget to write a description of what you do and how great your services are!

Add a nice video to enhance your messaging,

If you have promos or bundles running, add them in your personal Hot Deals section

It’s a first come first serve market, so respond promptly, be competitive and provide a good service


  • Can I advertise on the Onzla platform to reach out to more customers?

Yes, there will be various options to utilize Onzla’s portal space and user database to target more customers and be seen in very strategic areas to win more deals. Stay tuned for updates in your Inbox from the Onzla team


  • Why I should get the consumer to click ‘Hire’ after they have confirmed my services?

Hire means the consumer decides to buy from you. This will be reflected in your thumbnail and hosting page. The more Hires you get, simply means that people are using your services!

If you are Hired, that gives you a future option to be showcased in the consumer’s guest invite. Great way to advertise your services to the actual guests who will be coming to that particular event that you supported! Stay tuned for more info of this showcase option from the Onzla team


  • What’s the best way to get the consumer to give me a rating and feedback?

Ask and you shall be given! After the deal has been concluded, just request for a rating and feedback from the buyer via the chat. I am sure they will take a few mins to help you after you have supported them in their event planning. Getting good ratings and feedback is critical!


  • I created an acct but can’t log in?

Check for your email you used to sign up and ensure you have verified your account. If that doesn’t work, please email: support@onzla.com for help


  • How do I reset my PW or change ID?

You can find all these options in your Home page under Edit profile


Need further clarification?

Contact us at Support@onzla.com


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