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About Us:

Wine Tatler was incorporated in 2006 to distribute fine quality wines from Hungary to Singapore and other parts of Asia. The founders are Arthur Tan and Angeline Tan. It was a coincidental visit to Hungary that they learned about the good quality wines Hungary produced. The well-traveled couple then took a special trip to a few of the 22 wine-producing regions in Hungary to visit the winemakers. That included Badascony, Tokaj, Villany, and Eger. It was a fruitful trip for the couple, who stayed with the winemakers, and got to learn about the special grapes and wines they produced in different regions. Soon after that, Hungarian wines became available in Singapore. The distribution network soon saw an extension of labels to include wines from France, Italy, Spain, Romania, Lebanon, and Greece. Their wines are boutique old-world wines; a juxta­position of old world history and high quality.

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