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About Us:

Malt Vault has a passion for the finest Single Malt Scotch and Single Grain Whisky; we source casks, bottle, import, and export distributing only the very best Single Malt and Single Grain Whiskies Scotland has to offer. Malt vault has a focused distribution network in Asia and exports direct from Scotland to most corners of the world. Malt Vault has grown up with Single Malt at its heart; with our strong network of international contacts, we can offer Single Malt direct from the cask to the glass. Malt Vault’s Managing Director Ben Curtis has spent many years in the beverage industry but hails from a very different background in property and alternative investment markets. This has given the company strength in acquisition and negotiation, ensuring the future of the company and its investors. He turned his passion for Scotch into a very successful business focusing on the acquisition, investment, and distribution of Scotch Single Malt. Malt Vault has grown from strength to strength and now offers a limited number of investors the opportunity to invest in the companies supply chain. It goes without saying “We don’t let the angels take your share”!

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