Suppliers of Cakes & Desserts

Rafa Bakers
Customized Cakes, Birthday Cakes
Lana Cakes
Chocolate cakes, Variety of cakes, Online delivery.
Addictive Bakes
Floral and Classic Cakes, All type of cakes
The Fabulous Baker Boy
Cakes & pastries, cookies, chocolates, Coffee Shop
Edith Patisserie
Customized Cakes, Macarons, Mini cakes, Cupcakes, Cookies, Lollipops
The Ugly Cake Shop
Cakes, Customized cakes, mini cakes, Cupcakes, Cookies & goodies
Classic & Customised Cakes, Pastries & Bread.
Naughty Cakes
Naughty cakes,gambler cakes,Birthday cakes,2d,3d Cakes,Photo Cakes,Pastries,Beer Bootle cakes
Whiskit Bakery & Cafe
CheeseCakes, Loaf Cakes, Charlottes, Tartes, Vegan cakes, Customized cakes
Creme Maison Bakery
various types of cakes, Customized cakes, CupCakes, Desserts
Sooperlicious Cakes
Halal Cakes, Customized Cakes, 2d,3d cakes
Lynn’s Cake & Coffee
Cakes, Cookies, Customized Cakes, Coffee, artisan Tea, Cakes Slices
The Cake Shop
Delivery within 1 hour delicious cakes and pastries, Rainbow Cakes, Customized cakes
Cake Avenue
different type of unique & bespoke cakes, customized dessert tables
Fluff Bakery
Bakery, Specialty Grocery Store.
Cupcake Shop, Local Service, Bakery.