10 Reasons Why Onzla

If you provide a product or service that brings life to an event or party and would like to increase your sales and look for more targeted customers at the same time, check out this video to see how Onzla can help you!


Here are 10 more reasons why your company needs to be on Onzla.com

1.  Onzla focuses on helping corporates and consumers plan effective and memorable events. If you are a supplier that caters to events and parties, these customers need you!

2.  If you run a retail business and need to get online quickly, Onzla can help you

3.  If you are spending too much on Ads, we can scale that cost down for you significantly

4.  If you want to market your products to a specific audience, we have the tools to help you target prospects better

5.  If you need to get deals done quicker, the Onlza Butler Service can assist with the initial coordination

6.  If you are running a promo and need to shout about it, Onzla has a platform to help you promote that

7.  Want to be in front of buyers who are planning events that will need your products or services? We can help connect them to you

8.  Done a superb job and want your customers to say something great? The feedback section works best for you

9.  Done a superb job and want your customer’s guest, family and friends to know about you? We can feature you on the Onzla invite!

10. Hosting on Onzla is absolutely FREE!!! So what are you waiting for? Sign Up NOW!


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