Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Onzla connects consumers who are planning for an event to a huge database of suppliers that can provide a service they might be looking for, based on their event type and search criteria
There are a couple of ways to do this: In the main page search bar, just use the ‘Find’ drop-down menu and type or scroll down to look for a supplier type
At the bottom of the main page, there is a full list of supplier types listed
 If you see any supplier profile that interests you, just click on their page
 There you can find a ‘Message’ button, click that and it will open a chat window for you to leave a message
Yes, there is a ‘Save’ button in every supplier’s page. You can access all your saved suppliers in your My Profile page
 It helps shortlist and suggests relevant products & services based on your event type & search criteria
 It alerts you on suppliers running hot deals and great bundles
 You can choose to mass communicate with many suppliers to compare deals
 You can choose event templates and use the Onzla tool to send invites to your guest
 You can find the Onzla Planner tab on the top left of the page
 The Hire button allows you to confirm a supplier and to ensure that the rest of the shortlisted suppliers drop out of the Onzla planner, so you know who you are engaging
 Hire also allows you to save the selected suppliers that supported a particular event, so you can access your event history for future reference or to duplicate an event
 Hire DOES NOT mean that you have made any commercial transaction in Onzla, so don’t worry!
 Yes, you can access the full history of multiple events that you planned before using the Onzla planner eg. date of event, venue, suppliers engaged, and event templates used
 You just need to click “Hire’ when you have firmed up a supplier, so it’s gets saved
 This section is where suppliers feature their hot promos or bundles that they are offering
 You can also find Hot Deals when you are searching for a supplier or using the Onzla Planner, just look out for the red Hot Deal icon '$' icon on the supplier's thumbnail and click to get more details
 Absolutely NOT! This is a FREE service and you can negotiate the pricing with the suppliers at your own will. (FYI, suppliers host for free as well so their prices will be competitive)
 But suppliers are encouraged to have constant promos so look out for them!
 Just head to the Sign Up page and follow the simple steps
 You can find all these options in your My Profile page under Edit Profile
 Definitely!! Just go to Sign Up or refer to the Supplier Benefits page for more info
 Just email , the team will be more than willing to lend a hand