Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Onzla connects consumers who are planning for an event to a huge database of suppliers that can provide a service they might be looking for, based on their event type and search criteria
There are a couple of ways to do this: In the main page search table, just select what type of event you are intending to Plan, and follow the simple steps to view their offerings and save multiple suppliers that meet your requirements
Give us some details of your event and the Onzla Butler will start coordinating your events for you! It's that easy!
If you see any supplier profile that interests you, view their offerings and save that suppler Need more info? Give the supplier a call or Send an Inquiry and the Onzla Butler will get those details for you
Yes, there is a ‘Save’ button on every supplier’s page. You can access all your saved suppliers and past events in your Personalised Event Planner
 It helps shortlist and suggests relevant products & services based on your event type & search criteria
 It allows you to activate the Onzla Butler to mass communicate with many suppliers to coordinate your eveny
 It gives you many other Premium features that you can use for FREE in your planner dashboard to help your events better
Absolutely NOT! It's FREE! Just sign up/sign in and you are good to go!
 The Hire button allows you to confirm the list of suppliers that you have hired for that particular event, and save them in your plannerfor future reference
 It give us an idea on your preferred supplier types also, so we can receommd similar suppliers in future
 Hire DOES NOT mean that you have made any commercial transaction in Onzla, so don’t worry!
 Yes, you can access the full history of multiple events that you planned before using the Your Planner eg. date of the event, venue, suppliers engaged, and event templates used
 You just need to click “Hire’ when you have firmed up a supplier, so it’s gets saved
 This section is where suppliers feature their hot promos or bundles that they are offering
 This can be found at the Home page after the Featured supplier section
You can find all these options in your My Profile page under Edit Profile
Definitely!! Just go to Sign Up or refer to the Supplier Benefits page for more info
Chat with Bob the Butler or send us a Whatsapp or Inquiry